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Help & FAQs

How do I get started?

To create lists on Listigator, you'll need to sign up. This is a quick process, and all we require is a username, password and email address. Sign up today!.

Is my contact information secure?

We respect your privacy and will not put you at risk for spam to any of the contact methods you provide. Your email will be used for the initial confirmation message, list delivery and password reset upon request, and notices of service updates. Please refer to Listigator privacy policy for more details.

Is signing up with Listigator free?

Yes, Listigator is a completely free service.

Is my lists data safe? Is it private?

Your lists are protected by username and password. You may choose to share specific lists with others, but all lists are private by default. Please refer to Listigator privacy policy for more details.

How do I share lists with Listigator?

Sharing lists with Listigator is an easy two step process.
The first is the sharing mode activation from the List Status area of the list edit page,
and the second step is telling others about the shared list by providing them with the sharing link.

Once Sharing is activated for a list, a list RSS feed is automatically generated as well.
Both the Sharing and the RSS feed links appear as clickable icons next to the list name.

What is the difference between Read Sharing and Edit Sharing?

The Read Sharing page allows for read-only view of your list.
The Edit Sharing page on the other hand, allows the people you share with to both view and contribute to the list. The Edit Sharing page allows them to add, modify or delete both list items and categories.

Do people I share lists with have to have a Listigator account?

No. People you choose to share your lists with are not required to have a Listigator account, all they need is to receive the sharing link from you.

Who made Listigator?

Listigator is a brought to you by Tandemwise.

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