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More About Listigator

Intuitive On-Line Lists

Listigator is an intuitive, general-purpose, on-line list management application.

It is perfect for managing your to-dos, checklists, wish lists and several other personal list-centered use cases. On top of that, Listigator's extensive sharing options(detailed below) also make it a very handy tool for quickly getting people 'on the same page' as an instant web collaboration space.

Category Powered List Organization

Listigator pays attribute to Categories, perhaps the most natural way for organizing data items. Saying that, Listigator lets you create lists and conveniently organize the items into categories (or sub-lists).

So instead of managing separate lists per category or mixed and unordered lists, with Listigator you may easily organize several related item categories or topics on a single list.

Flexible Item Description

Besides the item name and category, each item can be further described with the following attributes:

List Edit Screen Capture

Sharing Your List Space

Sharing lists with friends, family or colleagues is an essential Listigator capability. As such, you may choose between a number of sharing methods:

Bottom Line

If you are an organized thinker or a natural organizer, then most chances are you will find Listigator useful.

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